I remember the small introduction which would be an ongoing fascination into the Latina way of life.

I was walking through the streets of Koh Samui, Thailand, (si si señora, I said Thailand) and I could hear this incredible sounding music coming from one of the 20 thousandths market stall holders.  I can still remember hearing the strum of the guitar and the sounds of this singers voice for the very first time, it was beautiful, almost romantic (this sickens me to say) but it felt as though I had already heard this song before (perhaps inside my mums tummy when José was serenading my mum whilst doing the Tango?  Kidding, dad – Greg, is as Aussie as they come).

Of course I hadn’t a clue what he was singing about, I assumed Italian, because anything that didn’t sound like English was just this (I mean when you live as close to Italy as we did in the Western suburbs of Melbourne,what else would you learn as your second language in High School? Italian of course!!  …hats off to to Dario, Faye, Giorgio and Kevin) It didn’t matter what the words were, they filled my body with joy and made me want to dance.

I still sing that song over and over (I may have the words slightly wrong), “Working on a pargo, working on a tengo, Sea no tengo americo, two or more e come pan ya and me core a song”

For those who are interested in the real song, click below to watch the lovely Juanes (please note old photo, no longer sporting luscious long locks)

If you prefer to sing the real words to my favourite part here they are (I still think mine sound pretty good):

“Porque nada valgo                                                                                                 porque nada tengo si no tengo lo mejor
Tu amor y compañía en mi corazón”

Translation of the words –
Because I’m worth nothing
Because I have nothing, if I don’t have the best
Your love and company in my heart

Thank-you Juanes for introducing me to the South American side of the world (and to my Thailand friend who sold me his music, most probably burnt, although very legit looking CD)

Discovering The Latina Life

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